The central bank announced the results of the third batch of payment license renewal: one was cancelled and the two merged

The trend of tightening payment licenses is still continuing.

On December 20th, the central bank website announced the renewal decision of the “Payment Business License” of 53 non-bank payment institutions such as Tianyi E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the renewal decision), which is also the third batch of payment license renewals announced by the central bank. result. Previously, the central bank announced the renewal of the first batch of 27 and the second batch of 12 payment institutions on August 11 and August 30, respectively.

The central bank announced the results of the third batch of payment license renewal: one was cancelled and the two merged

The "Daily Economic News" noted that in this renewal decision, another company was canceled to pay the license and the two companies were merged.

Prior to this, Guangdong Yimin, Zhejiang Yishi, Shanghai Chang purchase, Beijing Runjing four payment licenses were cancelled, and all the cancelled cards were prepaid card licenses, and the Shanghai Tongka Investment Management was not approved. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Tongka) is also a prepaid card business.

In the interview with the “Daily Economic News”, the person in charge of Yinsheng Payment said that the prepaid card industry has more chaos and the license is cancelled. It is not surprising that this tightening trend will continue in the future.

Shanghai Tongka renewal was not approved

In this renewal decision, only Shanghai Tongka will not be renewed due to “the Notice of the Renewal of the People’s Bank of China (Payment of Business License)” (Silver (2015) No. 385) Article 6 The prescribed non-renewable situation".

According to the "Notice" of the "Daily Economic News" reporter, the article found that "there is a deliberate circumvention of regulatory requirements by means of forgery, alteration, or concealment of data, or malicious rejection or obstruction of inspection and supervision."

It is understood that Shanghai Tongka was established in 2009. It is a professional service company engaged in prepaid card business. It has branches in many places across the country, and its main products are “Huifutong Lianka”.

The "Daily Economic News" reporter tried to contact Shanghai Tongka to understand its business situation. Its internal staff said that it was not clear that the license renewal was not approved, and the relevant responsible person did not reject the reporter's interview request.

Prior to this, the prepaid card licenses of Guangdong Yimin, Zhejiang Yishi, Shanghai Changshang and Beijing Runjing had been cancelled, and Beijing Runjing was the initiative to cancel the license.

The person in charge of Yinsheng Payment told the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that the prepaid card is a key piece of rectification in the entire payment license business, and the tightening of the license plate is also expected. “There was a lot of bad things happening in the industry before. Things, including the misappropriation of funds, etc., are more chaotic, and it is not surprising that the license is cancelled."

Payment license tightening continues

In addition to the unsuccessful approval of the Shanghai Tongka license, the payment licenses of the two companies were merged in the renewal decision.

Among them, Wenzhou People's Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wenzhou people) payment business was merged into Shanghai Point Interest Information Technology Co., Ltd.; Hainan Island Card Payment Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the island card) payment business was merged into the national payment Bao Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guofubao). Wenzhou people and the island card are also engaged in the issuance and acceptance of prepaid cards.

The Hainan Card is part of the HNA Eco-Tech Group and was granted a pre-paid acceptance and issuance license by the People's Bank of China in Hainan Province in 2012.

The "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that Guofubao added prepaid card issuance and acceptance (Hainan Province, Shaanxi Province, Yunnan Province, Hunan Province, Beijing) in this renewal.

At present, among the existing third-party payment licenses, the number of prepaid card licenses is the largest. According to the data of Orient Securities Research Report, as of July 2015, the number of prepaid card acceptance licenses was 170, and that of prepaid cards issued was 164, followed by 102 Internet payment licenses and 62 bank card receipts.

However, the number of payment licenses has been significantly slowed down. In 2015, only one payment license was issued. In 2016, no new licenses were issued.

In August this year, when the relevant person in charge of the central bank answered the reporter's question about the renewal of the "Payment Business License", he said that he would adhere to the principle of "capacity control, structural optimization, quality improvement, and orderly development". In principle, it will not be in principle. New institutions will be approved.

The relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned Yinsheng payment said that the current market situation of the payment industry is that the top ten payment companies account for 90% of the trading volume in the market, some of the companies with lower rankings have no business, and some even have losses in business. The state, the merger of licenses and tightening will help the development of industry norms. Previously, the payment licenses of eight institutions had been merged in the first two batches of renewals.

"In the future, this kind of policy will continue. In the future, we will not rule out the cancellation of licenses for companies including bank card receipts and Internet payments." Analytical representation.

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