The combination of tradition and future YOUR company holds the first VR technology temple fair

On September 21st, organized by ZhiZhou Village, Zhongguancun, Beijing Youyi Virtual Reality Culture Communication Co., Ltd. organized the opening of the first virtual reality technology and application technology temple in Zhiguan Street in Zhongguancun. The science and technology temple fair will continue from September 19 to October 9. It is suitable for tourists visiting Beijing on the 11th holiday.

This science and technology temple fair is an exhibition event with the theme of cutting-edge technology, hosted by Zhiguan Street in Zhongguancun and organized by Beijing Youyuan Virtual Reality Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The event combines the good technology atmosphere of Zhiguan Street in Zhongguancun with the virtual reality technology and application that Youye Company is good at, and provides the visiting audience with the latest cool technology experience.

With regard to the development of the virtual reality industry, as early as the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the state put forward the direction of industrial development that “vigorously promotes innovation and industrialization in emerging frontier areas such as virtual reality”. Zhongguancun Zhizhi Street is quickly established under such a background. The main street was completed in the first half of 2016 and is located in the Wudaokou area. It is a high-tech theme street with Tsinghua East Street and Chengfu East Street as the central axis. The total length of 380 meters interacts with the established Zhongguancun Chuangye Street and becomes Haidian District's vehicle for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. As a star enterprise of Zhizhi Avenue, Traveler actively responded to the government's call and actively promoted the innovation and landing of the virtual reality industry. Beijing Youyuan Virtual Reality Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was founded at the beginning of the year by several young people with dreams. Based on the most cutting-edge technology, O2O operation thinking centering on pan-race games is built to build games, entertainment, and social networking. One theme space. The first flagship store carefully built by the Youji team began trial operation at Zhizhi Avenue in early August. The store offers a futuristic ergonomic cockpit, a professional simulated riding training system, a VR dynamic driving simulation system, and HTC Vive. VR experience programs have been widely praised by users. During this period, it also received visits from government organizations, foreign friendly missions, and academic exchange groups.

In order to promote games and geek culture and allow users to communicate more easily, you also have a lot of effort on the platform of YOUR Online. Youyou has its own website as the core and strives to create professional self-media content, in addition to traditional graphics. In addition to the content, live broadcasts of a fixed time were also launched in cooperation with multiple platforms. Mixed-reality (MR) programs can use shooting technology to combine real people with virtual scenes, allowing viewers to feel real 3D through 2D screens. The rich application experience of virtual reality greatly increases the user's adhesiveness.
In this session of the Science Fair, the audience can experience the revolutionary changes brought about by the virtual entertainment to people's entertainment lifestyle. As a leading company in the forefront of science and technology, the game company will unite more than 10 technology companies, provide a variety of advanced technology solutions, and prepare a variety of virtual reality games for audiences to play, making this session of the science and technology temple more like A virtual reality carnival recreation club.

Not only that, this session of the Temple Fair also provided an exquisite seal collection for the audience. Participants can use the virtual reality games and applications they have experienced to collect the corresponding badges and win prizes.

As the first science and technology temple fair with the theme of virtual reality in China, this event has a positive significance for accelerating the integration of traditional industries and cutting-edge technologies, for the development of the industry and the application of talents, and for virtual reality and cutting-edge technologies to enter people’s daily lives. . As the contractor of this event, Youji will use this event as an opportunity to continuously introduce and integrate the most advanced technologies in the future, and present high-tech application scenarios to a wide range of users.

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L2/L3 Managed Industrial Switches

The Layer 2 switch generally cannot control the transmission protocol, but can only control the data link, so the Layer 2 switch can only be addressed through the mac address, because the mac address acts on the data link layer. The three-layer switch can be controlled to the network layer, which means that the three-layer switch can be addressed by IP address. Now high-end switches can control up to seven layers, and can control the flow and bandwidth of the application layer protocol in the network.

The Layer 3 switch can be integrated with VLAN and routing functions. The three-layer forwarding engine uses hardware ASIC technology to realize IP forwarding.

Layer 2 switch has no routing function, and layer 3 has routing function
The communication between VLANs is routed
The two-layer switch works on the second layer (data link layer) of the OSI model, so it is called a two-layer switch. The development of the two-layer switching technology has been relatively mature. The two-layer switch is a data link layer device. It can identify the MAC address information in the data frame, forward it according to the MAC address, and record these MAC addresses and corresponding ports in its own internal An address table.

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