The domestic 17 companies involved in the LED company's pre-increased performance mainly rely on "complement"

According to incomplete statistics, as of January 16, 2012, 22 of the more than 40 domestic A-share listed companies related to the LED industry released performance forecasts, 17 of which were pre-increased (8 in micro-increased) 5 companies are pre-reduced. From the perspective of pre-increased companies, government subsidies are still an important source of income for companies with substantial earnings growth.

From the perspective of pre-increased companies, Sanan Optoelectronics expects net profit to increase by more than 110% year-on-year, and is expected to achieve a net profit of 880 million yuan; Dehao Runda expects net profit of 2011 to be about 352 million yuan to 411 million yuan, an increase of 80% year-on-year. ~110%, both of them are upstream enterprises in the LED industry chain.

Although the increase is high, from the financial data, government subsidies are still an important source of Sanan Optoelectronics revenue. In its third quarterly report, the government subsidy included in the current profit and loss has reached 598 million yuan, and has received government subsidies totaling 467 million yuan since then. Similarly, the government subsidy in the third quarterly report of Dehao Runda has reached 299 million yuan, and the subsidiary has received a government subsidy of 20 million yuan since then.

If there is no government subsidy, the growth rate of LED industry related companies is limited. For example, Zhou Ming Technology's 2011 net profit increased slightly by 0% to 10% year-on-year, while Hongli Optoelectronics, which has the highest proportion of total revenue in the LED lighting sector, saw its net profit increase by only 5% to 20%.

Among the companies that released the performance forecast, there are only 8 companies focusing on the LED industry, and the rest are mostly involved in the LED industry last year, with investment ranging from several hundred million to several billion.

"There are too many companies entering the LED lighting industry. There are many large enterprises, such as Midea Electric and other companies are doing LED lighting business." Zhang Xiaofei, president of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute, said, "and this also caused The industry is full of advanced investment, blind investment, and repeated investment. In addition, the rapid growth of production capacity and the advanced promotion of products have also expanded the actual use of products. The bad result is that the industry has entered the stage of elimination and integration in advance. ."

The industry believes that, like the growth experience of many industries, the LED industry as an emerging industry is now experiencing the pain of staged overcapacity. In the next two or three years, the LED industry road is still tortuous, and the reshuffle will continue.

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