The legend of the Olympics


Every Olympic Games is a national feast of sports competition; each Olympic Games is another event about corporate brands. As one of the three major events in the world, the Olympics will attract the attention of the world and will ignite passion. So, on this stage, we witnessed the birth of a legendary record, and also witnessed the transformation of a legendary brand.

On August 8, 2008, the 27th Olympic Games was finally unveiled in Beijing. With the Chinese premiere of the 100-year Olympics, national enterprises began to embark on the long journey of “Olympic marketing”. Behind the national carnival, we saw their strong figure and vaguely mapped the unyielding brand ambition.

At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we showed the "Chinese color" to the world. The bright lights made the "Bird's Nest" look like a dream, and the epic performances began to unfold under the colorful lights. China is amazing in the world.

Who made the Olympics so beautiful? As one of the highest level events in the world, being among the Olympic product suppliers is undoubtedly the best illustration of strength and brand. As the core supplier of lighting products for the Beijing Olympic Games, Zhujiang Lighting has become the only company that independently completes the lighting of the top structure of the “Bird's Nest”. It serves the Olympic Games while honouring the brand's glory in the Olympic Games.巅".

Excellent quality, let the product shine for the Olympics

The lighting equipment used in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, regardless of its quantity or its technological content, has surpassed the lighting equipment of previous Olympic Games. Therefore, the media of Beijing has given the Beijing Olympic Games a resounding nickname - the out-of-print Olympics. Describe the lighting effect is unparalleled.

"Without the light, there is no soul." This is a famous saying in the lighting industry. As the general director of the opening ceremony, Zhang Yimou, who is good at photography, has a unique understanding of lighting, and the requirements for lighting are harsh. "Lights must first be very particular. We need to have quality lighting. Don't usually have the kind of lighting for the party. This is a requirement for quality." Liu Wenhao, the national first-level dance design judge of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games lighting judges and the Haizheng Cultural and Art Corps. In order to ensure the perfect effect of the opening ceremony, the Beijing Olympic venues have strict requirements in equipment procurement.

As a pioneer in China's stage lighting industry, Zhujiang Lighting attaches great importance to the lighting project of the Olympic venues. From the construction concept of the venue to the design requirements of the lighting, each link is thoroughly researched in order to achieve the visual appeal of the director perfectly. From the start of the project bidding, the management and all employees of Zhujiang Lighting attach great importance to it and set up a special project team to make full preparations. Faced with the high standards of Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee on lighting product quality, manufacturer reputation, service system and other aspects, as well as the perfect lighting design concept of “Bird's Nest” lighting chief designer Sha Xiaolan, Zhujiang Lighting continues to lead in the market. The experiment, continuous argumentation, and finally through the strong technical reserves and product innovation capabilities, as well as many successful cases at home and abroad and advanced international technology, through layer-by-layer testing and assessment, stand out among the many lighting companies at home and abroad, and obtain the "Bird's Nest" "Lighting product supplier qualification, one-sided coverage of the "Bird's Nest" top area lighting.

Perfect service, let the guarantee excellence

With the “entry permit”, Zhujiang Lighting has taken a crucial step in the Olympic journey. Product testing and assessment, on-site installation and service support is particularly important. In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the "Bird's Nest" lighting system, from March 2008, Zhujiang Lighting sent more than a dozen professional and technical personnel to Beijing to participate in the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of the "Bird's Nest" lighting system. .

The special structure of the "Bird's Nest" poses a great challenge to the installation and commissioning of the lighting. The lighting design of the chief designer of Sha Xiaotong further deepens this challenge. The Pearl River Light is responsible for the installation of the entire area of ​​the "Bird's Nest", all work must be done in a narrow light tunnel. The top of the "Bird's Nest" is tens of meters above the ground, there is no elevator up and down, and the lighting products are moved from the venue to the top to the installation and commissioning. During the construction process, the product was first manually lifted to a stand 3 meters above the ground, and then slowly placed on the "Bird's Nest" elevated platform using a boom-type motor. The technicians can only climb through the human ladder of 50CM. The top of the "Bird's Nest" is installed, commissioned and maintained. The human ladder is suspended in the air and there is no effort. It is a great test for the physical fitness of the technicians.

In the face of difficulties, there is no concession. In order to make the best performance of the products at the opening ceremony, the Zhujiang lighting technicians have repeatedly honed and steadily attacked the difficulties and solved the difficulties and challenges one by one. Luo Weifeng, the Pearl River lighting technician, experienced the entire installation process. He introduced us to the situation at the time: "On the day of the opening ceremony on August 8, we went to the high altitude frame at two o'clock in the afternoon until the next morning at two o'clock. In the boring and hot high-altitude passage of about half a meter, we are not allowed to walk around at will, nor can we watch the following wonderful programs through the vents. This is one of the requirements of the Olympic Organizing Committee for technical personnel. However, in order to do a good job in technical support, To ensure that the lights are functioning properly, we must hold on."

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was a great success. The dreamlike lighting effects were constantly changing at the top of the "Bird's Nest", and the gorgeous venues shocked the world. Although I was not able to watch the performance of the opening ceremony, but the technicians who insisted on the construction site heard the applause of the audience, they felt relieved: "The Pearl River lighting can contribute to the Beijing Olympic Games. We are very proud."

Throughout history, the Olympics is undoubtedly a milestone in the development of the Pearl River lighting, bringing the brand of Zhujiang Lighting to a new starting point. In the hustle and bustle of the "Bird's Nest", the brand road of a national enterprise is emerging. Under the glory of the Olympic Games, the Pearl River lighting will be a hundred feet, and further, with the ambition of "standing the Olympics," continue to write one after another in the field of lighting. legend.

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