things in fairy tale are lies? For the "truth", please watch the live broadcast!

June 9th, Guangzhou Pazhou, Shangri-La, Gaogong LED will hold the 2016 (fourteenth) high-tech LED industry summit forum, Gaogong LED invites your participation and support, China LED enterprises to grow globally Road, look forward to your participation!

In June, the baby's face is changed, and the last one is still bright, and the next second is clouded. Yes, this is the June day in Shenzhen. LED Xiaobian is looking forward to the high-tech LED industry summit forum is coming soon, after reading the weather forecast, the sky is awkward, the baby is crying, showers, rain, heavy rain, heavy rain, all rain.

Are you ready to participate in the meeting, and you want to go to the meeting, but you can't escape the "washing" of the rain. It doesn't matter, LED Xiaobian has a way to let you know the situation of the meeting at the first time, that is to watch the live broadcast.

On March 20th, the high-tech LED spring festival, we used the live broadcast of the conference for the first time, and the number of online followers exceeded 500. Those who did not arrive at the scene directly learned the details of the whole conference through the live broadcast of the conference.

With the success of the initial test, we immediately used the live broadcast of the conference at the Filament Light Forum seminar held on April 26. With the first success, the number of online followers of the filament lamp seminar reached 1,413.

Now, on June 9th, the Gaogong LED Industry Summit Forum has come, and we will continue to broadcast in real time in live broadcast.

Nowadays, all walks of life are in the global market, and domestic companies are entering the "new normal".

Then, whether it is a blessing or a curse to the stage of LED globalization, I don’t know for a moment. Going out to find death, not going out and waiting to die? Is the pace of Chinese companies going global? But it is difficult? Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED, will discuss with you about the opportunities and traps of LED globalization in this forum. Respond to the competition of globalization.

In addition, at this summit, there will be domestic and foreign speakers who will make an in-depth interpretation of the current situation and channels of the US market.

If you haven't seen the live broadcast of the high-tech LED, it doesn't matter, LED Xiaobian is in detail how to pay attention to the live broadcast.

First of all, our live interface is sauce style.

Then you will have three ways to enter the live stream.

Method 1: Click on the high-tech LED WeChat public number "peak forum" to enter the live broadcast interface

Method 2: Long press the following QR code to enter the live interface

Method 3: Click on the “Live Original” in the lower left corner of this article to enter the live broadcast interface.

Watch the live broadcast at 9:00 on the morning of June 9! Watch the live broadcast at 9:00 on June 9!! Watch the live broadcast at 9:00 on June 9!!!

We are ready to go, just waiting for you!

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