Tianlong Optoelectronics General Manager and Chief Financial Officer resigned

Tianlong Optoelectronics (300029) announced on the evening of June 23 that the company's board of directors recently received the resignation report submitted by General Manager Chen Bihong and Chief Financial Officer Mei Fang. Chen Bihong requested to resign as a director and general manager of the company. Mei Fang requested to resign as the chief financial officer of the company.

Chen Bihong and Mei Fang’s resignation report will take effect from the date of delivery to the company’s board of directors. Chen Bihong and Mei Fang will not serve in the company after resigning. Chen Bihong and Mei Fang do not hold shares in the company. The general manager and chief financial officer of the company were temporarily represented by the chairman of the board of directors Feng Jinsheng and the manager of the finance department Xue Meilan until the newly appointed general manager and financial controller were in place.

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