Tokyo LED Lighting Show Helps Manufacturers Expand Lighting Opportunities

On January 18th, the three-day Japan International LED Lighting Exhibition was officially launched. It only provided the global lighting industry with a formal meeting and indirectly became a stage for manufacturers to expand their business opportunities.

Relevant persons pointed out that from the perspective of the development of the LED industry, the LED market originally focused on LED TV backlighting needs and lighting, benefiting from the mainland's subsidy policy for the LED industry in the past, and the upstream factory to fully expand production, but LED TV penetration rate was late last year. After being unable to upgrade, the oversupply will affect the overall strength of LED growth. At present, product applications benefit from governments' efforts to formulate phased energy-saving policies, thus accelerating the promotion of LED lighting, so the commercial market applications are gradually emerging. As the LED lighting market seems to be oriented toward low-cost development, the LED industry will be vertically integrated, and Taiwan’s small and medium-sized LED factories will face strong external competition and pressure to eliminate them.

It is currently known that Japan, Canada and the United States will ban the production and sale of inefficient bulbs this year, and it is expected to phase out incandescent bulbs within two years. In response to energy-efficient lighting policies in various countries, Taiwan has also promoted the “LED street lights all over Taiwan” policy, which has helped to accelerate the popularity of LED lighting, as the gap between the original LED lighting and conventional lighting has started to shrink.

Taiwan LED factory revenue performance in December 2012, mostly monthly reduction, it is estimated that the industry's fourth quarter revenue is still down, mostly due to weak demand, mainly in the off-season of the industry, but overall, LED lighting demand There will be an opportunity to detonate in the second half of 2012 and it is expected to gradually grow in 2013. It is expected that there should be room for the future of the LED group share price.

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