Wanrun Technology Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen Road Show Opens the Year of the Dragon IPO Inquiry

On the first trading day of the Year of the Dragon, Wanrun Technology launched the on-site promotion of three places in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, which opened the curtain for the IPO inquiry of new shares.

Wanrun Technology will expand the downstream of the industrial chain as one of the important development directions in the future, which is also evident in the use of its raised funds. Wanrun Technology IPO will raise funds for new high-efficiency SMD LED production and construction projects, LED green energy-saving lighting production projects, and enterprise technology R&D center projects.

Relevant data show that Wanrun Technology's "new high-efficiency patch-type LED production and construction project" will increase the production capacity of 984 million SMD LED light source devices of various specifications every year after the completion of production, and the sales revenue will increase by 231 million yuan. The profit increased by 36.43 million yuan; "LED green energy-saving lighting production project" will increase the production capacity of various types of LED lighting fixtures of 792,000 and light strips of 660,000 meters per year. The sales revenue will increase by 187 million yuan and the net profit will increase by 2973. Ten thousand yuan. The construction period of these two projects is 18 months, and the production period is 2 years.

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