Watching the light of hope for the 2010 LED lighting industry

With its outstanding advantages, LED lighting has become a prominent player in the new energy industry. Huang Zhaonian, vice chairman of Taiwan's Jingdian, pointed out that LEDs will generate more new applications in the future, and use new packaging technologies and wafers to reduce production costs and improve luminous efficiency.

Li Shiyi, vice president of Cree Asia Pacific, said that the future development of the LED lighting industry depends on the market's acceptance of LED luminous efficiency, product quality and innovation, in addition to policy factors, such as international LED solid-state lighting. Specifications such as brightness and security.

Now the customer demand in the LED general lighting market has gradually changed from the requirements for brightness and cheapness to the requirements for quality, environmental protection and comfort. It is estimated that LEDs will be more environmentally friendly in the future, and the price will drop to 1.3 times that of traditional lamps. The level of the left and right.

Stephan Greiner, vice president of global business of Everlight, said that the world's major LED lighting market is concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 33.7% of the global market, North America, accounting for 30.1%, followed by Western Europe 22.3%, Eastern Europe accounting for 5.1% About 4.5% in Africa and the Middle East, the estimated global market size is about 8.5 billion US dollars. In terms of application products, it is mainly household-based, accounting for 39%, followed by office and medical Europe 18%. The third largest market is outdoor. Lighting, about 12%.

StephanGreiner pointed out that the outdoor LED lighting market has considerable room for growth, especially the rapid growth of the Chinese market, which currently accounts for 38% of the global LED outdoor lighting market, surpassing North America's 33.3%.

According to the latest research report by market research companies iSuppli and StrategiesUnlimited, the global LED lighting market will reach 9 billion US dollars in 2011. In 2011, the global high-brightness LED driver chip market is expected to exceed 1.9 billion US dollars. In 2010, China's LED lighting market is expected to reach 30 billion yuan, almost double the 2006 billion yuan. LED is a valuable hope in the current decline of the electronic components industry. LED is expected to achieve sales growth of around 3% this year, and the global semiconductor market will decline by 9.4% this year.

French market research firm Yole predicts that by 2012, the overall LED market will reach $10.3 billion. Among them, high-brightness and ultra-high-brightness LEDs will total $4.45 billion, almost 5.5 times the 2007 estimate of $783 million.

According to NextGenResearch, a research arm of ABI Research, the global LED lighting market is expected to exceed $33 billion in 2013. The average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the LED lighting market during 2009-2013 will approach 22%.

At present, the largest LED lighting market is LED backlighting (laptops, PCs, LCD-TVs and mobile phones). The LED general lighting market has entered a rapid development track, especially in street lights, car taillights, car interiors and small sign lights, buildings. The interior lighting, the internal lighting of government agencies (and special public places such as jewelry stores and airports), outdoor and indoor LED displays, home spotlights, etc., the home LED table lamp and LED fluorescent lamp market have also started.

For example, high-tech industrial parks in major, medium and small cities such as Chongqing, Wuhan, and Suzhou in China have built park avenues that use LED street lights. Some cities (such as Suzhou) have directly deployed solar-powered LED street lights. Los Angles will use LED street lights in the United States, and LED street lights will also be used on the Interstate Highway in Minneapolis.

Osram Asia Pacific Director Zhong Jiecong pointed out that OLED is also an important development direction of LED lighting. However, the performance improvement of OLED will take some time. It is estimated that OLED will gradually move from high-end market to popular market. Wilhelm Instrument Product Manager Michael Lamarra said that more and more LED backlights have replaced CCFL, and lighting applications are also growing. It is estimated that packaged LEDs will cost 85% in the next six years. LED factories need to reduce operating costs and increase production at the same time. Out. The advantages of LED and its significant competitive strength make us more confident about its future.

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