What are the tips for extending the life of home appliances?

People's material living standards can be said to be stronger than where they were before. Household appliances have become an integral part of families. It can be said that it has changed the living habits of Chinese families. However, many users are overly cherished in the use of home appliances, and some use of the habit is actually a misunderstanding, not only will not play for the purpose of "continuing" the appliance, and even reduce the life of the appliance. Xiao Bian then taught us some experience in using home appliances.

1、Apply clothes to home appliances

It may be for the sake of being clean and tidy. Many elderly people will “get clothes on” from home appliances. The remote control is covered with plastic sheeting, washing machines are covered with protective clothing, and even TVs are covered with a lace cloth. Although this practice objectively blocks the intrusion of dust, if the mask is not removed when it is used, it will affect the heat dissipation of the body. If the appliance is overheated, it will shut down, and if it is heavy, it will damage the machine or even cause a fire.

This dust cloth will block the top vent of the refrigerator
2, frequent power off

We all know that home appliances are divided into boot, standby, and shutdown states. When the appliance is in the standby state, it also consumes power, so many families have developed the habit of pulling plugs conveniently. For a power-hungry set-top box, power cuts can indeed save a lot of electricity, but devices such as range hoods, washing machines, electric ovens, microwave ovens, etc., consume very little power when in standby. Frequent plugging and unplugging of the power supply can easily lead to poor contact. The instantaneous high current in the closed time can also cause some damage to the machine.

Standby boxes and other equipment have higher standby power consumption
3, household appliances when the family treasure

Now that the appearance of home appliances is getting more and more exquisite, it is as harmonious as a work of art at home, but this does not mean that home appliances can be as time-honored as furniture. After all, “the water heater that can use half a century” is just an advertising word. In general, the lifespan of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. is the longest, about 10-12 years, LCD TVs in the life of about 7-8 years, the life of small appliances is even shorter. In addition, since both the TV panel and the backlight have an aging process, even if they can be used normally even after a few years, the color and definition are often not as good as the new ones, so it is better to replace them in time.

Aging TVs are prone to color cast
Doing these three things well will probably extend the life of your appliances. If there is anything else, it is to read the instructions carefully before using the home appliances. This has a lot to do with the correct use of home appliances. There are also great attention to maintenance in daily use, but mainly to pay attention to develop the correct habits. Xiao Bian here also hopes that this article can make some minor contributions to consumers.

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