Why did Tesla Model 3 cancel the dashboard?

“From this point of view, it is reasonable and unreasonable for Model3 to cancel the dashboard, but an extraordinary, subversive thinking really surprises us and awe. Perhaps this is what Elon Musk wants to see: keep the Model 3 attention."

Not long ago, Tesla released Model 3, which broke the routine in the interior design and canceled the dashboard. This move made the market look awkward, and the imagination behind it surprised everyone.

The instrument panel is a structural member used to install instruments and related devices, and is called a window of the car's mind by industry engineers. It not only provides information on speed and speed, but also shows vehicle health and warning information. It is the most important window for vehicle and human interaction.

Then? Why did Tesla cancel the dashboard? How does Tesla without the dashboard open? Will the production model of Model 3 adhere to this bold design?

â–² Tesla Model 3 models canceled the dashboard

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