"Winter" on the bankruptcy LED is expected to break a new breakthrough!

In the past 2015, people commented on the development of the LED industry. Most people talk about the cold winter. A few people are convinced that warm spring. When the LED industry ushers in great development, people do not understand the direction.

However, this is really the case? Perhaps it is only because of the overall poor economic environment that people are mistakenly thinking that the LED industry economy is gradually declining. In fact, LEDs are more happy than other industries.

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to November 2015, the total profit of 41 industrial enterprises above designated size fell by 1.9% year-on-year, but in contrast to the LED industry, in the first three quarters of 2015, the total profit of 28 LED listed companies was 440 million. Yuan, an increase of 7.77%. This means that, by contrast, the LED industry is above average in all industries.

This can also be confirmed from the perspective of investors. According to the Economic Daily, foreign investment institutions have invested in observation and selection of targets, pointing directly to China's LED industry, and most of them believe that the downstream performance of the industry will exceed the upstream.

"The chip and package will almost never be invested again, mainly because of the increase in upstream supply, but the investment opportunities for LED lighting applications are still large." Chen Xiaohai, executive general manager of Guoxin Hongsheng, an investor, was also interviewed.

Foreign capital believes that it is now an important watershed for competition among factories in the industry. Predicted lighting will be the main growth engine of the LED industry in 2016. The niche application market including automotive, medical and agricultural may become new catalysts. It is expected that global LED demand will be in 2016. In 2018, it increased by 9.1%.

Recently, a news that “GE plans to withdraw from the CFL market and sprint LED bulbs” is gone. GE expects to stop selling fluorescent bulbs (CFL) in 2016, which was founded by Thomas Edison. The company will shift its focus to more energy-efficient and innovative bulbs. Lighting giant GE will soon stop selling CFL fluorescent bulbs and transfer resources to the development of more potential LED lighting business.

Indeed, LED lighting is rapidly replacing traditional lighting sources and lamps. In 2015, the global LED lighting market was 55.7 billion yuan, and the market penetration rate was 36.9%. This means that although the growth rate is slowing, LEDs replace traditional lighting. The market still has a lot of room for improvement.

"In 2016, those who are uneasy and memorable on the market, the "empty gloves and white wolves" and the government's blood supply dependence patients will fall into the empty space of the bamboo baskets faster than before." Industry people bluntly said.

"Winter winter or not, paying close attention to technology, strengthening internal strength, continuously improving the management level of the enterprise and its own competitiveness, and steadily improving the status of the industry are all necessary for each company to encounter challenges, and also the requirements for benign and sustainable development of the industry. 2016 In the year, those companies with technology, capital, talent and management advantages will live longer and live longer and better.” Dr. Wang Sen, general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics, mentioned.

LED "cold winter theory" has not yet come, the prospects are still bullish, but the competition will become increasingly fierce in 2016, or will drive the industry from impetuous to rational, from the tricks to the key years of strength.

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