Wire and cable industry "heavy curtain" heavy

Polaris Wire and Cable Network News: Although wire and cable is a supporting industry, it occupies 1/4 of the output value of China's electrical industry. It is the second largest industry in China after the automotive industry. Its product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share are More than 90%. There are many types of wire and cable products and they have a wide range of applications. They cover the electric power, construction, communications, and manufacturing industries. They are closely related to various sectors of the national economy. The quality of their own wires is directly related to production safety. However, in recent years, fire accidents caused by unqualified wire and cable quality have occurred frequently in our country.

In recent years, the same types of wire and cable manufacturers have emerged as springing up. It is understood that at present, there are more than 7,000 cable manufacturers in China. Therefore, the competition among enterprises in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many companies choose to engage in tendering in order to seek more and greater benefits. According to a recent survey, more than 40% of companies in the industry have experienced unfavorable competitions such as winning bids at lower cost prices and malicious bid competitions from peers.

With reference to the “Bid Invitation and Bidding Law”, China often implements the “approved minimum bid price method.” On the surface, the lowest bid awarded by the evaluation cuts the competitive system of the bidding system and reduces the subjective factors of bid evaluation experts. Disturbance helps to make the evaluation results more scientific, reasonable and fair. The reality is that many bidders use this to maliciously lower bid prices in order to achieve the goal of winning the bid. However, after winning the bid, various claim methods are used to cause the final price to be much higher than the bid price, making the low price bid lose its significance. Some companies that bid at a low price will be conscientiously cutting corners if they cannot achieve high-price claims, leading to serious quality problems in the winning bid projects, or, due to the small profit margins, significantly reducing the cost of production management, leading to the emergence of winning projects. Safe production risks.

As the prices of copper and various raw materials in the market have risen sharply, the bidding prices for wires and cables have become relatively low. If enterprises produce in accordance with industry standards and national standards, and strictly implement the technology, they will have to make substantial losses. The production process of wire and cable is not complicated and requires two materials, one is conductor copper or aluminum and the other is plastic that is wrapped outside. Driven by interests, some companies began to ignore raw materials for entry into the factory in order to save costs, and some even deliberately use inferior materials. However, the service life of inferior cable jackets is only 1/10 of the qualified products. According to industry sources, many manufacturers use scrap copper to replace good copper, a good one ton of 6 million tons of copper, scrap copper is only 54,000 yuan, a good copper directly from the ore, the resistance value is low, in line with national standards; scrap copper contains red Copper, impurities, etc., large resistance, seriously affect the performance of wire and cable and life. To hide their eyes and ears, some manufacturers even use good copper package copper, or copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum cable. Inferior cables and wires are difficult for most people to identify, such as domestic wires, and some use brass as conductors, which have very high resistance. This kind of poor quality wire is something that professionals can't tell without the instrument. For plastic materials, manufacturers are also trying their best to cut corners and materials, such as the purchase of waste needle bottles, hanging needles and other medical waste at low prices, or imported waste plastics. There is no problem with qualified products for 20-30 years, and inferior plastics. Two to three years will be aging off. In addition, waste plastics also contain impurities such as iron scraps and copper shavings. If used as buried cables, they can easily penetrate water and electricity, causing serious safety hazards. Manufacturers so arbitrarily reduce production costs, deliberately cut corners, will inevitably lead to conductor resistance, cross-linking and other key indicators can not meet the standard requirements. Therefore, it is quite common for products to be shoddy or have to be sheathed with recycled materials, such as non-compliance of wire diameters and super-negative tolerances. The main problems are as follows: Insulation or sheath weight loss items are unqualified, mechanical properties are unqualified, and thermal extension items are unqualified. The mechanical properties of the product are not qualified, and the sheath or insulation is easily broken during the stressing process such as laying, causing short circuit and leakage discharge. Unqualified heat-extended items can easily cause short-circuit accidents at high temperatures. Many people in the industry believe that the wire and cable quality standards in the market can reach less than 50% of the national standards. The situation is very serious. What is even more worrying is that the unqualified wire and cable quality often causes serious fires and endangers consumers. Life and property security.

An industry inspection and inspection organization should serve and regulate the industry's business practices, and be responsible for and provide security. In recent years, more and more cable inspection institutions of different systems have been set up. They are affiliated with government departments, but they are also privately owned in the name of public companies. It is understood that the relevant testing organizations in Shenzhen are no less than 100. There are only dozens of homes that are actually authorized by the law. It is reasonable to say that inspection agencies usually conduct comprehensive inspections of wire and cable products in accordance with relevant national standards. Once a product is found to be unqualified in the inspection process, duplicate samples will be taken from the batch to duplicate unqualified items. Inspection, if still unqualified, will ask to stop the product from entering the factory. But it is very puzzling is that there are many unqualified products passed the test smoothly, and eventually flowed to the market.

In an interview, the reporter found that the principle of “follow the principle of eating and taking cards” of some testing organizations has become a “secret” open in the wire and cable industry. It is precisely because the testing agencies on the market are mixed and confusing, leading many companies to use the various means to obtain “passes” for that product's test report. According to a senior company executive in the industry, before the company’s products were sent to a qualified testing agency for inspection, the original product itself had no problem, and the personnel of the testing organization were picking faults everywhere and constantly pointed out various issues. In short, the card is not allowed to pass the test. Later, in order not to affect its internal operations, the company also followed suit to test the organization's red envelopes. It also set up two dinners to express its intentions. It didn't take long for qualified companies to get a qualified report. In the same way, many companies have failed to pass the products for inspection, but as long as they are willing to pay enough money, everything will be as they wish.

The reporter learned from industry sources that there was a cable factory in Zhejiang Province that was authorized to build cable materials for the 2008 Olympic venues. This was originally a great opportunity to increase the visibility of the company itself. However, after the products were sent to Beijing, they were sent to the Bureau of Quality Supervision. It was found that some of the products supplied by this manufacturer had very serious quality problems. Afterwards, their products were immediately returned and the production plants were sealed. Many people in the industry believed that the cable factory must have lost its skill. However, it was not long before this manufacturer started a new round of “running” with great fanfare. It seems that those “bad things” before were so “buried”.

At present, China’s wire and cable industry, which has been ranked first in the world for its total scale, output, and growth rate for many consecutive years, is experiencing a “big but not strong” embarrassing situation. Insiders believe that to change this situation, one must strictly regulate the wire. The bidding industry in the cable industry has severely cracked down on commercial bribery in bidding. The second is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of cable production enterprises that have obtained production license certificates and mandatory product certifications, and severely investigate and deal with such acts as unlicensed production and illegal production. The key to inspection is whether the quality control in raw materials and production processes is in place, whether the quality assurance system and management system are perfect, whether there are any unfair raw materials, whether there are any undesirable phenomena such as cutting corners, inspection of the company's production sites, necessary production equipment, and inspections. Whether the equipment meets the production license and mandatory product certification requirements. For enterprises that are no longer engaged in the production of wire and cable products, they must promptly cancel their production licenses and mandatory product certification certificates. For undocumented production companies that have been discovered, they should be investigated and dealt with directly according to law. Enterprises that fail to meet the requirements for production conditions shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit. If they fail to make corrections within the time limit, their production licenses and mandatory product certification certificates shall be revoked. Enterprises that cut corners and materials and use unqualified raw materials in the production process shall be strictly punished according to law. Enterprises that fail to pass the rectification and review but fail to pass inspections shall, in accordance with the law, submit proposals to the issuing authority on a statutory basis to revoke, withdraw and cancel production licenses. The third is to standardize the work of wire and cable product testing agencies, and vigorously implement the industry's internal laws and regulations and auditing standards. As far as the facts are concerned, the development of the work of the testing organization directly affects the progress of the task of rectifying the wire and cable industry in China. In order to make the work of the testing organization more smoothly, the national government can provide corresponding subsidy to all testing organizations that have legal certification. Instead of allowing them to obtain “job remuneration” only from the inspection fees paid by the inspection and inspection factories, this would greatly curb the situation in which the testing agencies resorted to private interests in order to seek profits.

At the same time, it is also important to further improve the laws and regulations of the wire and cable industry and the auditing standards. The enterprise itself must also be self-disciplined at all times, knowing that it will continue to improve in accordance with its own characteristics and actual development conditions, instead of expanding its scale in order to seek more and greater benefits, and allowing non-qualified products to flow into the market.

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