With music phones, have you heard of music videos?

Music is already an indispensable part of people's lives. In the current conditions, people generally use music phones or MP3s to listen to music. However, music phones and MP3s are limited to the use of headphones to play, there are certain limitations. In the family life, many people prefer to loud speaker loud speaker, so the mobile phone and MP3 can not meet the needs of such people. Nowadays, few smart TVs pay attention to this aspect. Therefore, these people only have to purchase audio to meet their own needs.

However, this situation is likely to be changed in the near future. On the morning of May 19, Cool Open Official Weibo announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on May 24. In the article, he said, "He has a very beautiful tone, and devoted to music for a lifetime." It can be guessed that the audio of this product that will soon be released will be a major highlight. (We call him music TV, haha)

From the point of view of publicity on Weibo, the cool new product is mainly the pursuit of high-fidelity sound quality, which is the first time on smart TV. In previous smart TVs, almost all manufacturers did not focus on sound quality, but simply did a good job. Cool open this time but suddenly reverse the line, the music, sound quality as the focus of the conference, it is clear that cool open is really looking for the user's demand point, and put it into the product.

Cool opening countdown poster we are also familiar, Pavarotti - the world's first tenor. It can be seen from this that Cool Open not only improves the musical tone, but also makes it possible to increase the volume of the TV to achieve a real acoustic effect, allowing users to save money on audio.

As a smart TV manufacturer with an internet brand, Coocaa has released ten products that are different in terms of functions and concepts but all of which are globally advanced. Before the first creation of the smart screen, which was loved by the majority of young consumers, it now bursts out with the release of the new "music TV". We have reason to believe that the new product will lead a new trend of smart TV.

Dali Dimming Driver

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Dali Dimming Driver

Dali Dimming Driver

Smart Dimmer,Frameless Light Box Aluminum Profile,24V Ultra Slim Led Driver

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