Wu Changjiang to all employees: Resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of everyone

At 21:46 on August 20th, Ai Jianping, a senior CFO of the famous enterprise, forwarded the “Notes on Issues on the Board of Directors and the Relocation of Headquarters” on WeChat. The payment was made by Wu Changjiang, and the contents were directed to the relocation of NVC headquarters. Work instructions:

1. The legal representative of NVC's “three companies” is still Wu Changjiang before the registration authority has approved the change registration, and only has the right to perform duties on behalf of the company;

2. Any violation of employee rights and threats to employee safety is illegal. The company appeals to all employees to stick to their posts and not to fear;

3. In the near future, there are no legal basis for the removal of multiple employees, the transfer of the functions of the order department, and the relocation of the headquarters;

4. If employees outside the company's headquarters feel that they are threatened by intimidation, or that their interests are not maintained, or they are unable to work properly, the company welcomes everyone to the Chongqing headquarters.

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