Xuande's third quarter LED street lights and RF products officially shipped

According to Taiwan media reports, Xuande LED street lamp orders will be officially shipped after many adjustments. Due to the launch of new products such as LED street lights and microwave communication connectors (RF), Xuande's operation is expected to turn from the third season. , single season force to turn into a loss.
Xuan De actively promoted the adjustment of business, finance and company organization after the joint venture between Chen Jincai and Chairman of the Inventec Group, Ye Guoyi, and the personnel, finance and business were fully taken over by the new team. Chen Xiaoqi, who has close ties with Inventec and other NB manufacturers, is at the helm, while Chairman Chen Jincai is responsible for LED-related layouts. Benefits are expected to begin in the third quarter.
The LED streetlights assembled by Xuande in combination with solar photovoltaic panels have entered the UK market in the second half of last year and won a large order for LED street lamps of 2 billion yuan. However, the bidding must be in line with the UK government's shipment schedule, and the LED brightness of the early Xuande is not up to standard. The standard has been delayed until now, and after the assistance of the Guanggao technical team, the current product has reached the standard, and it is expected to be officially shipped in the third quarter. The LED street lamp orders in Germany and other European regions are also in contact, and the LED street lamp is officially released. Under the cargo, Xuande's operation is expected to show strong growth momentum since the third quarter.
In addition to the large number of LED street lights, Xuande has locked in the NB and mobile phone markets, and developed new products such as microwave communication connectors (RF) and anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) coatings. Due to the abundant network of Chen Xiaoqi in the NB industry, plus Inventec Group Supporting, it is expected that the benefits will be exerted in the second half of the year. Under the new product benefits, the company will strive to turn a profit in the third quarter and make a profit this year.
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Single Voltage AC180-240V  Led Driver

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Input voltage:  100-130vac / 180-240vac
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current: 100mA-2000mA.
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>=50000hours, 3-5 years warranty.
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Single Voltage AC180-240V  Led Driver


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Single Voltage AC180-240V Led Driver

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