Zhejiang lamp enterprises talk about improving the competitiveness of export products

[Huicong Lighting Network] Zhejiang Beite Lighting Co., Ltd. in the Yaoya lighting industry, although the scale is not large, but in the past seven years since its establishment, the company has been relying on technological innovation, steady and steady, the products have entered the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia more than 40 Countries and regions, products are 100% exported. In order to further expand the market, Beit has also increased its investment in research and development. Last year, Beit's R&D investment exceeded 3 million yuan, and this year it is expected to reach 4 million yuan. The Beit Lighting Laboratory, which has invested more than 1 million yuan, is now under construction. It is expected to be launched in August this year, which will greatly enhance the company's research and development capabilities.

Since the beginning of this year, the production and sales situation of Beit Lighting Co., Ltd. has been gratifying. In January, sales of more than 8 million yuan were completed, an increase of 30% compared with the same period of last year. Lu Shijie, general manager of Beit Lighting Co., said that the production and operation maintained a growing momentum of development. It is an important reason for enterprises to cultivate their internal strength and consolidate their own foundation, and it is also inseparable from a good policy environment. The successive introduction of favorable policies has made enterprises more confident in their ability to cope with challenges.

"The light industry adjustment and revitalization plan proposes to further increase the export tax rebate rate for some light industrial products, and eliminate processing trade restrictions for some labor-intensive and high-tech, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. This is a real benefit for our export enterprises. Only export tax rebate will bring us hundreds of thousands of yuan in profits every year.” Lu Shijie said happily, “after the adjustment of export tax rebate rate, the production cost of products will drop significantly, so that we can be with customers. The negotiations are more flexible and active, thus effectively improving competitiveness. At the same time, the upward adjustment of the export tax rebate rate provides us with a larger profit margin, which can appropriately benefit the customers, which will help us further stabilize the customer team and ensure the continuity of the company. Rapid development."

Lu Shijie said that enterprises can only have high efficiency if they continue to innovate. Only by continuously developing new products and keeping up with the pace of the market will they not be eliminated. At present, the sales of Bet's patented products account for about 40% of the total sales, and will reach more than 70% in three years.

Lu Shijie is full of confidence in the future development. “Enterprises must truly seize the opportunity and rely on products with core competitiveness.” In terms of new product development, Bate has jointly designed and developed with research institutes and design companies to ensure that products stay ahead in the market. In recent years, Beit's new products have been launched one after another. In addition to traditional luminaires, companies are also actively pursuing products with higher added value. The sales of new products such as solar lamps and LED lamps now account for about 60% of the company's total sales, contributing 80% to corporate profits.

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Number of stages 1 2 3 4 5
Reduction ratio 4, 4.75 16, 19, 22.5 64, 76, 90, 107 256, 304, 361, 428, 509 1024, 1216, 1444, 1714, 2036, 2418
Gearbox length(L) mm 13 16.5 20 23.5 27
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Gearbox efficiency 90% 81% 73% 65% 59%

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